Since the end of XIX° century, many manufacturing companies were referring to the game of golf to promote their brands. Chocolate (especially in France and Belgium) is a classical example.

We are listing here only a few examples.

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Sewing Machines White. c.1895

The card refers to Chicago Exhibition, 1893.

Chocolate Debauve & Gallet. c.1900

The card refers to Exhibitions in Paris 1889 and 1900.

This picture was used by other manufacturers, e.g. Chicory "A la Ménagère".

Chocolate Meurisse. c.1905

The card refers to several exhibitions, including Liege (Belgium) 1905.

Chocolate Guerin Boutron. c.1910

This card was issued in the series "Les jeux d'enfants" (children's games). Text emphasize on the link between golf and "jeu de mail" (see Les origines)

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