Chui Wan. An Ancient Chinese Golf-Like Game 1/05/2017

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  By Anthony Butler, David Hamilton & al. The Partick Press, St Andrews

More information in Golfika 19.

Hyères 1892 - Séjour de la Reine Victoria, by Mme Martine Peyron. 15/08/2016

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  This book was written by Mme Martine Peyron, the grand-daughter of M. Alexandre Peyron, who was the owner of the Costebelle Hotels and founder of the very first golf course on the French Riviera

More information in Golfika 18.

Golf Causerie. John Sutherland of Royal Dornoch Golf Club". Edited by K. Robin Bargmann. 15/08/2016

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  Robin Bargmann, a member of our association, as well as a member of the BGCS, is regularly contributing to our magazine. Recently, he edited an important book entitled "Gold Causerie - John Sutherland (J.S.) of Royal Dornoch Golf Club". Important by its size, more than 500 pages, hard back cover, important by the quality of printing and, last but not least, important by its content.

More information in Golfika 18.

Sara and Geert Nijs - Games for Kings & Commoners. Part Three 15/10/2015

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  In the trilogy 'Games for Kings & Commoners' the authors have been able to explain in depth what kind of games the 'continentals' played and how they compare with each other. Regularly golf is used as benchmark. The authors must have spent numerous hours in archives, museums, libraries, etc. in the different countries to retrieve information which regularly surpasses the knowledge on specific aspects of golf history.

The publication is available direct from the authors via

More information in Golfika 17.

Cecilia Lyon - Le golf de Valescure à Saint-Raphael - Histoire d'un riche passé 08/2015

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  Cecilia Lyon has just written a book (in French, profusely illustrated with many rare documents) on the history of the Valescure GC.

The book is available at the Valescure's proshop.

André-Jean Lafaurie (& Georges Jeanneau) - Jean Garaialde : Quarante ans de victoires 15/12/2009

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  In the series "Les grands moments du golf français" (great moments of French golf) the French Golf Federation is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hean Garaialde victory in the French open, paying tribute to this great champion.

This text, signed by André-Jean Lafaurie (with Georges Jeanneau's participation), is recllaing the great Garaialde's golfing events, his major records, including his 25 appearances in the World Cup and tributes of his friends (Nicklaus, Palmer, Player).
You'll also discover the vision of a golf architect who designed about 20 courses in France.

Geert & Sara Nijs - The Non-Royal but most Ancient Game of Crosse 15/09/2008

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  Members of the EAGHS seems very active! Our friends, Geert and Sara Nijs are certainly the two greatest expert on the game of Crosse just published this ultimate reference on the game of 'chole'. Sometimes called 'choule' or 'soule' this game is often considered as the precursor of golf. This book published by 'Les Editions Geert & Sara Nijs' is certainly the best reference on this game. All aspects are covered: what is the game of crosse, through the ages, the name, the season, the players, tournaments ... and many other chapters are covered.

It must be noted that an extremely great number of pictures are printed here for the first time in such a book. Also the bibliography is a very comprehensive one.

If you are interested in the origins of the game of golf, you cannot miss this book. You can order it, writing directly to the authors (leaving now in France):

We'll shortly dedicate more space to this 198 pages book.

Georges & Nicolas Jeanneau - Two new books 01/08/2007

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  Our friends, and members of the EAGHC, Georges and Nicolas Jeanneau just published deux small jewels edited by the French Golf Federation (ffgolf) in a collection called "Les grands moments de l'histoire du golf français" (Great moments in French Golf History).
These two booklets, 48 pages each, are illustrated with very scarce documents, many of tehm published here for the very fisrt time. These books are also printed to commemorate two anniversaries.

The first book is entitled "1907 - La victoire d'Arnaud Massy au British Open" (Massy's victory in The Open) and decribes this fantastic event. Massy being, does it worth to repeat? the first non British player to win The Open and, until now, the only French player to achive such a success. In addition, the book is providing a very complete biography of the champion.

The second: "1967 - Catherine Lacoste temporte l'US Open" (Catherine Lacoste wins the US Open) and has a foreword by André-Jean Lafaurie. In addition to the account of Catherine's victory in the US Open, there is the story of her success in both the British Ladies and the US Amateur (same year, 1969).

Golf du Touquet. 01/04/2007
For some starnge reasons, we missed this book on Centenary Golf in Le Touquet (North of France).

One could think, after Dr Boivin's book on golf in Le Touquet, that everything was already told. What a mistake! So many things yet to learn. The book reviews all the great moments, the great events, the great names. Written both in French and English, it should attrack a large audience. Which he really deserves.

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  For more information (and to order):
Les chemins de la liberté. 10/12/2006
  I'm sure that you'll read this book (in French) by Georges Jeanneau with an immense pleasure as you'll be a spectator of the very first French Open. He was attempting the impossible as no paper was ever published on this event. Nevertheless, with a meticulous research work, Georges was able to acheive the feat to imagine all the details of this historical day. Of course, most is imagination, but do not beleive that this is just invention when Georges Jeanneau is talking about the weatehr of that day! Reading a huge number of articles from that time, all his hypotheses are most probable ones. A fantastic work which will hold you spellbound from the first up to the last page. Congratulations Georges!

The book is available for 11 euros (+p&s) at the French Golf Federation. A numbered, signed and limited to 50 is also available from the author at 45 euros.

French Open & Philately. 22/09/2006
  AFCOS (A french association specialized in Philately) is offering an opportunity to buy some philiatelic items.

One is related to the "first day issue" (June 25th and 26th, 2006), the second to the centenarial of the French Open (June 29th and 30th and July 1st and 2nd, 2006).
For each types, it is possible to order the following items: (1) Official cover; (2) Souvenir cover; (3) Maximum card (different types) and (4) Stationnary ("entier postal")

Each item is priced US$3. Please write to:
AFCOS - Maison du Sport Francais, 1 avenue Pierre de Couertin, 75013 Paris, France

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The Morris Men, by Stephen E. Mitchell. 19/11/2005
  Don't miss this book! Well, it's not golf history, but one of the most fantastic golf novel you can read. Full of humour and mystery, the story is just fascinating. Once you start, you cannot quit the book.

And if you like collecting golf, then you'll find many additional reasons to love the book (also trying to guess who's who).

A great idea for this winter season, when playing less the game!

To order the book

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  More information
Aladin - The french flea-market magazine. 27/08/2005
  Aladin (which we consider as the best french magazine dedicated to flea-market, antiques and collectables) is offering, in its September issue n°207, a six pages paper on golf collection.
Well illustrated, this is a good introduction to the hobby.

Our readers certainly remember that this magazine has a web-site. We featured it for a long time:
Aladin Mag

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The Golf Book - L'encyclodédie du Golf. 19/03/2005
  Just published by "Editions Promedi" a new Golf Encyclopedia - the first in French. The authors (Petra and Patrice Faillot) included chapters on golf history, evolution, rules, courses, french and international competitions ... and many others. Numerous illustrations and pictures by Didier Chicot.

Patrice Failliot - Editions Promedi - 10 rue de la Pleiade, Paris, France
Tel. +33 (0)   Fax +33. (0)

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Rusty Staples - Aspect of Collecting Golf Booklets. 21/08/2004
  The missing bibliography is here! If many lines were written on collecting golf books, nothing substantial existed on golf booklets. Our friend Henri Jakubowicz, member of both GCS and BGCS, filled the gap. His book is listing more than 450 booklets (corresponding to 274 titles). Each one is pictured and is clerly and fully described.

Not only it is a new refence book for its content but it is a reference for its quality of printing and publishing. Bound in leather, it only exists in a limited and numbered edition of 72 copies. Already a collector!

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  More information
Golf Through the Ages. 20/11/2003
  We always hesitate to be superlative, but it's hard to resist here. Yes ! The book from Michael Flannery and Richard Leech is the most exceptionnal one published since a long while. "Golf Through the Ages - 600 Years of Golfing Art" is about to be available and it will exists in two editions : "Royal Edition" of 1999 copies and "Imperial Edition" limited to 175 copies. Don't miss the subscription offer, running until January 31st, 2004 : Royal is $750 and Imperial $2500.

To see more, please visit the web site : Golf Through The Ages.

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Le Golf et les Jeux Olympiques. 01/08/2003
  Our friend Georges Jeanneau, with the help of his son Niolas, just published a book on golf and the Olympic Games. Edited by Edition Atlantica (Biarritz and Paris, France) and sponsored by the French Golf Federation, this book is highly informative and many informations are really news ! To our knowledge, most of the pictures were never been published previously. A book to have in ours library.

 To buy on editor's web site.

Golf Collection on DVD. 09/02/2003
  "The Fascinating World of Golf Collection" from Gary Wiren is certainly the very first DVD related to the collection of golf. Published in the States, it should be available soon in Europe. We'll keep you informed. Meantime, you can learn more on this DVD visiting Gary's web site :

The Fascinating World of Golf Collectibles.

Exhibition "Golfing Art & Memorabilia". 08/02/2003
  Nick Potter Ltd and Manfred Schotten Antiques are preparing an exhibition hold in UK, at Burford, Oxfordshire from 3rd to 17th April, 2003. For more information, write to :  Manfred Schotten Antique
or  Nick Potter
The smallest golf boof. 10/01/2003
  For the new year, a wink from Georges Jeanneau : the smallest book in the world. Mo more than 1 x 1.3 inches. Despite its small dimensions, it is very comprehensive and covers the origins of the game, its principles, the hole, clubs, ball ... Even great players and (as it is published in France) great french champions.
Hurry up ... it's gona be a collector !
This book is published by BIOTOP, Paris in the "Le Mini Livre" series.

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Golf posters. 17/11/2002
  No serious golf collector could resist to this book on golf posters, by Alexis Orlov. Fully illustrated with numerous reproductions of golf posters, the vintage section is really exceptional. The greatest artists are present : Bénigni, Capiello, Goursat, Serre and many many others. Modern posters are not forgotten. Different chapters include tourism, clubs, tournaments, advertising ... Text is both in french and english. I'm sure of the success of this wonderful book (pp137, edited by Milan, Toulouse, France).
Best wishes Alexis !

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Golf mysteries .... 06/05/2002
  A free e-group site, created by Brian Bennet, is now open to anyone interested in golf mysteries :
"Dupont, champion de golf" : a re-edition. 08/12/2001
  Michael Flannery re-edited (in French but also in English) Raymond Baert's book as the first edition is now extremely difficult to find.
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  If you are interested, please write to Michael :
Swing Time Philately : un new catalogue. Cheers ! 17/11/2001
  After having created a web site dedicated to "Golf on Stamps", Rob van Tuyl and the Dutch collectors club "Swing Time Philately", which has now 117 members, just published a new golf-catalogue. Fully illustrated, it decribes all worldwide issued stamps and sheets related to golf.
To learn more, please visit : Golf on Stamps or write to Rob van Tuyl :
Morfontaine : two books for a great club. 29/04/2001
  When the Duc de Gramont wanted to create his own course in 1910, he asked Tom Simpson to design a 9 holes one. An additional 18 holes course was drawn by the same architect after WWI and inaugurated on October 1927. Today it's the only french golf course listed in the world top 100 by "Golf Magazine".
In June 1998 and June 2000 were published two books dedicated to the Morfontaine golf club. For some strange reasons, I missed them. But it's not too late to present them to you, especially as there are extremely well documented. The author, Jean E. Dulout, was managing the club for 35 years - and he knows how to share with his readers his fascination for this great club.
For more details : Golf Club Histories
Golf Collection in France. 15/02/2001
  The excellent French golf magazine "Golf Europeen" printed in its February 2001 issue (# 351) a long article on golf collection in France. Your humble servant (in a pretty much casual wear) got the honour to have one page dedicated to his postcard collection.
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French Open : a new book to come. 17/07/2000
  Our friend journalist Claude Granveaud is preparing a book on the French golf Open. We'll keep you informed.Meanwhile, you may help him, sending photos and anecdotes.
See also : Free ads
Joseph S.F. Murdoch in collectors paradise. 23/03/2000
  Sadly Joe Murdoch passed away last Wednesday, March 22nd.He was the founder of the Golf Collector Society and one of the greatest book collectors in the world. His work will remain priceless.
A french book on golf history. 20/11/1999
  How to resist not to tell you few word about this great book by our friend Georges Jeanneau (edited by Atalntica, 18 rue de Folin, 64200 Biarritz, France) entitled "Le golf en France - Quelques siècles d'histoire".
The illustrations are rarely seen, the documentation very precise and the printing superb. A must in any golf collector.
Cheers Georges !
A golf museum in France. 20/08/1998
  During French Open (end june 1998), a golf museum was open at the Golf National, located in Guyancourt (25 miles from Paris). Presently exposed collections are, for most of them, private loans. We wish all the best to this museum. If you are in Paris, don't miss the opportunity to visit it.
Golf news group in french. 01/01/1998
  A new golf discussion group (news group) was created at the end of september 98. In french (mostly ?) it's very uncommon ! Cheers !
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