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Golf History and Collection

The following web-sites are mainly dedicated to golf history or collection. At least are there closely related.  
British Golf Collector Society Founded 1987. The European reference.
Golf Collector Society (USA) Founded in 1970 by Robert Kuntz & Joseph SF Murdoch.
Deutsches Golf Archiv History of golf in Germany (in German) by one of the greatest specialist.
Our sister web-site in Germany managed by our friend Christoph Meister. In German.
EAGHC members and Germany's leading golf painter Viktor kindly design all coverpages for Golfika-Magazine. In German.
"Ancient Golf" After a great book on "crossage", Sara & Geert Nijs are offering us the reference web-site on "stick and ball" games. Congratulations!
Women Golfers' Museum  Website of the museum. The web site is still under construction but should be the must for women golf.
Britsish Golf Museum  in Saint Andrews, close to the Old Course.
Danmarks Golf Museum  As the name says. Don't miss it when visiting Denmark.
Svenska Golf Museet  Golf Museum in Sweden. In Swedish.
Rules History  Extremely great web-site, not enough known. Search by period or topic.
Massy - A famous North Berwick golfer  Massy spent a long time in this prestigious club. A full page is dedicated to the French champion. By Douglas Seaton. long time in this prestigious club. A full page is dedicated to the French champion.
Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles. Library search resource.
Le Golf en France Georges Jeanneau's personnal web-site. Our friend Georges is one of the very best golf historians in France. A must!
Golf on Stamp Stéphan Filanowitch web-site dedicated to golf and philately. Our friend Stephan is also a member of the EAGHC since the beginning.
Swing Time Philately - Dutch collector club : golf (and baseball) philatelic items : stamps, sheets, FDC, phonecards ...
APGF Association Patrimoniale du Golf Français. Deserved a visit. History of golf in France. In French.
AFCOS - Association Française des Collectionneurs Olympiques et Sportifs. The french association of sports and olympics.
Logoball.ca - Personal site of a golf ball collector: Jean-Pierre Spinelli (Quebec)
"Hickory.com" A web site dedicated to encouraging playing golf with hickory shafted clubs.

Some specialised dealers

This list is commercial free.  
Rhod McEwan The best address in Scotland for golf books.
Grant Books Golf book editor. Also selling old books.
Manfred Schotten Antiques Specialists in antique sporting memorabillia.
A golf museum  created by Peter Insam, in Regensburg, Germany. The web site is in English and German.
Leo M. Kelly / Old Chicago Shop Mainly clubs and balls.
Chuck Furjanic Mainly clubs on auction. Fixed price catalog available.
Antique Golf Scotland Clubs for sale. In addition, a detailed information on "clubmakers".
Polymedias  An excellent book seller in Paris, specialized in sport.
"Hickory Golf Grips" A web-site specialised in grips for hickory clubs.

Other Links.

A selection of very valuable web-sites dedicated to golf and collection. Feel free to visit them.  
Collecting Links to collection, postcards, books ...
Golf Links Web-sites dedicated to the game of golf.
Goodies Other sites. Golf is never far here ...

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