A valuable information on golf societies could be found in the books listed below. This list is certainly not complete. We hope to add information with the help of our readers.
If you know any golf book which should be listed here, please send us an e-mail.
Books sorted by club name.
 Aix-les-Bains - G.C. Aix-les-Bains - Histoire du golf à Aix-les-Bains.  
2008 115pp G.C. Aix-les-Bains
 A great book by two golf history lovers: Daniel Légat et Gérard Bourge. A very well documented work, illustrated with some rare documents. All the great names of French golf are present.     
 Bordeaux - [Committee] - Golf Bordelais - 1900-2000.  
2000 66pp Comité du Centenaire du Golf Bordelais
 A complete history of the famous golf club.  
 Biarritz - [Committee] - Biarritz Golf Club - Centenaire 1888-1988.  
1988 72pp Comité du Centenaire du Golf de Biarritz Le Phare
 The very first book on a french golf club. An excellent history of the second eslest golf club founded in France.  
 Biarritz - Chiberta - [Committee] - Chiberta - La Romance - 1927-2002.  
2002 36pp -
 An excellent booklet on the history of the club. Limited ed. (1000).  
 Cannes : Mandelieu & Mougins - André Cottalorda - La fabuleuse histoire du sport cannois.  
1987 (?) 75-96/220pp Editions S.E.D.A.I.N
 An important book to undersand golf on the French Riviera. Also sailing, tennis, soccer, cycling and boxing.  
 Cannes-Mandelieu - Bernard Vadon - Histoire d'un centenaire 1891-1991.  
1991 97pp Golf Magazine - BC Edition
 Short history of the city and the golf club founded by the Grand Duc Michel de Russie.  
 Cannes-Mougins - Sandrine Farrugia Ponzo - Golf Country Club de Cannes Mougins.  
2000 127pp Omega Conseil et Communication
 A presentation of the club as it is now. Some historical documents.  
 Dieppe - Olivier Merlin - Cent ans de golf à Dieppe.  
1996 126pp Ed. Bertout "La Mémoire Normande"
 Dieppe and the golf club initially designed by Willie Park.  
 Dinard - Marie-Christine Paris - Une balle à la mer.  
2000 119pp Albin Michel
 If the historical part is rather small, the book describes the course hole by hole with lots of references to the past.  
 Etretat - F. Rideau (G.C Etretat) - Le golf à Etretat.  
2008 80pp Ed. des Falaises
 Excellent book: both early and modern times are reviewed. The French amateur François Illouz is adding comments on the different holes. Very well illustrated book.  
 Hardelot - SA du Domaine d'Hardelot - Golf d'Hardelot 1906-2006.  
s.d. (2006) 89pp Golf d'Haedelot
 A nice book written both in French and English (as many British are regularly playing this course). The history is pretty well detailed - even if the early part (before 1914) is short.  
 Morfontaine - Jean E. Dulout - Souvenirs de Morfontaine.  
1998 103pp Ed. Horatius et Cie, Chantilly
 Extremely precise and well documented book on one of the most private golf club in France. A real pleasure to read this book, written by whom was managing the club for 35 years. A must.  
 Morfontaine - Jean E. Dulout - Chronique 1930-1999.  
1998 114pp Ed. Horatius et Cie, Chantilly
 Subtitled "Au revoir Morfontaine ... merci" (Good bye Morfontaine ... thanks) this sensible book is a marvellous account to the history - both great and small - of the club. Most of the characters of Morfontaine are present. Don't miss this book ... Thanks Mr Dulout.  
 Nivelle - [Committee] - Le Golf de La Nivelle.  
1997 94pp La Nivelle Golf Club. Printed by Jean Laffontan SA
 Golf in Pyrénées and La Nivelle, the pros, Arnaud Massy and a lot a valuable information.  
 Paris - La Boulie - Georges Jeanneau - Golf de la Boulie ; 1901-2001 ; 100 ans, 100 photos.  
2001 143pp Ed. Racing Club de France
 A pure gem : illustrations (rarely seen) are a true wonder, the documentation precise.  
 Pau - Yves Caillé - Pau Golf Club. Le St Andrews du Continent.  
1990 141pp J&D Editions
 One of the best histories of the eldest golf club out of the United Kindom.  
 Saint-Germain - Jacques de Langlade - Golf de Saint-Germain. D'hier à Aujourd'hui.  
1999 140pp Association sportive du Golf de Saint-Germain
 A superb book. Also some reference to the Golf de l'Hermitage at Marly-le-Roi.  
 Saint-Nom-La-Breteche - [Committee] - Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Breteche ; 1959-1989.  
1989 35pp Association sportive du Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Breteche
 A well illustrated book. Limited edition to 1500 (50 first numbered).  
 Saint-Nom-La-Bretêche - [Committee] - Le Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Bretêche.  
2003 172pp Editions Lampedusa
 Great book, very well illustred. Histoiry of the club and its great events - especially The Lancôme.  
 Touquet-Paris-Plage - Daniel Boivin - Echos & Images du Golf du Touquet-Paris-Plage.  
1993 (204pp) Privately edited. Printed by VAG à Etaples-sur-Mer
 An extremely complete historical book on a golf links inaugurated in 1904 by Lord Balfour. Lot of illustrations.  
 Touquet-Paris-Plage - [Le Touquet Syndicate Ltd] - Golf du Touquet 1904-2004.  
2004 (80pp) Le Touquet Syndicate Ltd. Le Touquet
 An important complement to Dr Boivin's book. Great work, clear, detailed and precise.  
 Villarceaux - Georges Jeanneau - Le Golf de Villarceaux ; Côté coeur, Côté jardin.  
2001 (72pp) Golf de Villarceaux.
 Few pages but what a pleasure ! Georges tell us the soul of Villarceaux.  
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