Could one of our readers help us to find the answer to following questions ? We'll send a golf postcard to thank anyone who send us information. Answers will be forwarded and published.


The well known Perrier prints by Crombie (Some of the rules of Golf) were first issued in England in 1905. Printed in chromo-lithograph, the set of 24 was bounded in a small book (format approx. 23.4 x 27.8 cm). The caption is only in english and there is a red and green Perrier ad on the back.

We know two quality reprints:
- The Ariel Press, London, 1966. A large format booklet: 30 x 40 cm ; the drawing itself beeing 16 x 22 cm. The caption is both in english and french. Plain white back.
- A portfolio of 24 prints, format 26.8 x 36 cm (drawing 15.7 x 21.9 cm). The caption is in french and english. Plain white back, but an embossed mark was printed "Offert par la Source Perrier". A variant of this exists with, at the back of the folder : Yves Meyer & Cie, Imprimeurs, Paris - Printed in France.

We have no idea when this last prints were issued - but Carol Davies (a golfika reader) has the variant edition since 1970's.
Neither we know any other quality prints (except mainy the poor ones made by laser photocopy).
Could somebody tell us more about those prints? Many thanks in advance.  


I recently found a play booklet of 55 pages called "L'amour golfeur ou l'indécise", with the precision "Comedie - ballet, en un acte". No author's name.
My copy has a hand written poem on page 2. Signed M.C. and dated May 1952 (see below).
The booklet was printed by Caju-de Vylder, 13 rue Longue de Sel, Alost.
Also a dedication on page 3 : "To Diana Gurwitch as a witness of friendship raised during a cure at Aix-les-Bains". Signed M.C. and dated June 1952.
Click to enlarge.

On the same page 3, a printed general dedication "To all good friends of mine from the Royal Golf Club "Les Buttes Blanches", I dedicate this "aged indiscretions". The Royal Latem in Belgium, has a place called "buttes blanches" et Alost (le printing place) is also in Belgium ...
The play - a comedy - is supposed to happen in a golf club, in year 1750 and the stage shows the lounge of a Club House.

Does anybody know who is M.C.? And who is Diana Gurwitch?  


Christoph Meister is looking for information related to the golf pro Robert Murray, from North Berwick who came to Dresden, in 1907. He was certainly married to a German woman and, during WW1, was made prisonier in Germany. From the late 20's to 1939 he was pro at Luebeck-Travemuende. He has then to go into exile to Denmark.
Thanks to Douglas Seaton, Christoph got the confirmation of this informations and also learnt that Murray was pro at North Berwick at the beginning of the 20th century.
Could somebody help us to know more on Robert Murray? Many thanks in advance.  


Our fellow Pierre-Marie Kvot would like to know more about a putter he owns. It looks like a Standard Golf Mills putter and seems never gripped. The wooden shaft was hollowed in its axe and got the inscription "Brevete SGDG" (French patent pending). The head is engraved "Huntly", no mark on the sole.
Could somebody tell us more about this putter? Many thanks in advance.  


Grasse is a small town near Nice in the south of France. One can read few words about a course built there in Massy's book, written in 1911 : "The course has 18 holes. A car servicing make the travel very easy coming from Cannes".
Local news papers confirm that people were playing golf there. More precisely it was at Châteauneuf-de-Grasse, in a place called "Le pré-du-Lac".
Who knows more about this golf course?     
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