Notice that before 1914 at least a dozen clubs were for a private usage only (e.g. Memillon).     
1856 Pau. The very first course on the Continent.
1888 Biarritz
1890 ? Argelès Gazost. No longer exists.
1890 Dinard
1891 Cannes Mandelieu. Created by the Grand Duc Michel de Russie
1892 Sainte Barbe. Called "golf des anglais". No longer exists.
1893 Paramé St Malo. No longer exists.
1894 Hyères (Les Palmiers). No longer exists.
1895 St Raphaël, Valescure
1896 Compiègne. Hosted the Olympic golf competition in 1900.
1896 Le Mesnil le Roi. No longer exists. Was the first "Golf de Paris" before it moved to La Boulie, near Versailles.
1897 Dieppe, Pourville.
1899 Deauville (Old course). No longer exists.


  The "Union des Golfs de France" was created on November 24th, 1912 by Pierre Deschamps (1856-1925) who will be the President until 1924. On January 13th, 1933, it becomes the "Fédération Française de Golf".   The International French Amateur is created in 1904 and won by H. G. Beeche (who created the Golf du Mesnil and competed in the Olympics in Paris 1900).   The French Open started in 1906 and was first won by Arnaud Massy.  


Ado, Jean-Baptiste (born 1913)
  Played several times in The Open, between 1951 and 1958.

Boyer, Auguste (born at Cagnes-sur-Mer, 1908)
  Started as a caddy at the Nice GC. Won several times the opens of Italy, Germany and Switzeland.
He wrote a book entitled "Le Golf"

Gassiat, Jean (born at Biarritz,Septembre 3rd, 1883)
  His real christian name was Louis, but was called Jean.
He finished several time in the top tenth at The Open and won the French Open in 1912. Pro at Chatilly, he is well known for the design of a putter called "grand piano".

Golias. (Family)
  Brothers (Gustave et René) and René's son: Roger.

Lacoste, Catherine (b. June 27th, 1945)
  Daughter of the lady champion Simone Thion de La Chaume, Catherine remains the only amateur woman to win the Lady US Open (in 1967). In 1969, she won both the US Ladies Amateur and the Lady British Amateur ! This is the only example where a mother and her daughter both won the prestigious British amateur championship.

Massy, Arnaud. (b. 1877, Biarritz - d. 1950, Etretat).
  The only French (and first non British) to win The Open (Hoylake, 1907). Wrote the first important golf book in French.

Tellier, Louis.
  Represented France many times in the States. A french at the US Open.

Thion de la Chaume, Simone.
  It was before she married tennisman René Lacoste that Simone Thion de la Chaume, of a great golfers family, won in 1927 the Lady British Open.
In her honours list : 9 French close championships and 6 International French Amateur.

Vagliano, Lally (born 1921).
  One of the greatest French Ladies player. Daugher of A. Vagliano (who was president of the French Golf Fedefartion) she won many tournaments, including the British Youth and British Ladies under the name of Vicomtesse de Saint-Sauveur. Now Lally Segard.
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