French says "avoir un velo dans la tête" (which could be translated as "to have a bike in one's mind") to mean somebody is foolish. Sometimes, I wonder if it's not the case of us, golfers !
May be it's the reason why I'm featuring here two golf pictures postcards also related to the bike (1)&(2) plus an advertisement (3)&(4) ...
Hyères-les-Palmiers Deauville (old course) Huschinson Ad. detail (*) full
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     ... But I fancy if the true reason to have this page here is just to raise my hat to the great book published by my friend Michel Merejkowsky dedicated to the hobby of bike and biking. Michel represented, for many years, "The Sportsman" : the place to come in Paris when looking for a scarce book on sports. The shop still exists but Michel decided to retire a few years ago and he is now delivering us this superb book : "Velobsseion, 101 facettes". One hundred and one items, rigorously selected from his personnal collection.
Greetings Michel !    Limited edition of 500 - Published by the author.   
Please, visit his web-site  Vélobsession  or write him
-         ... Michel has also an other passion:  Triumph TR series to which he dedicates a new web site.     
 (*) The Hutchinson advertising picture is from Sarah Fabian Baddiel "Golfing Ephemera", Chapmans Library of Golf     
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