A French at the US Open ? In the modern era, it's Jean Van de Velde. But is he the first French playing in this open ?
The answer is no ! As soon as 1913, the French Louis Tellier plays the US Open and tied at the 4th place with Walter Hagen, just behind the trio which went on play-off : Francis Ouimet, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. Francis Ouimet won the play-off and its victory may be considered as the true explosion of golf in United States.
After this first success, Louis Tellier will play at least three more times in the US Open, then representing the US club where he was professionnal. In 1914 he finished 8th, 5th in 1915 and 6th in 1919.
Louis Tellier, one of the "four french golf mousqueteers", brilliantly played in 1913 in a match opposing the best four Americans to the best four french players.
  From left to right, upper : John McDermott, Mike Brady, Alex Smith and Tom McNamara ; lower : Etienne Laffitte, Jean Gassiat, Louis Tellier and Arnaud Massy.
A short history of golf in France  
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