Published in 1913 by Raymond Baert (really Bollaert), this is certainly one of the oldest book of golf humor. In 42 drawings, it tells us the charming and mocking story of a middle class french man who's discovering golf.     
Each page is a black and white drawing. In total 42. An english edition was published the same year (Lawrence & Jellicoe, Londres, n.d., 1913). Strangely, Murdoch and then Donavan & Murdoch (#5950) give only 40 pages !

A few pictures are reproduced below. Click to enlarge.     

I'll be hanged if Unbounded pride Let's see

One ... two Addicting game Champion of free game
More recently, two re-editions were issued. One in France by Alain Boquet en 1992 (ISBN 2-906708-08-9) and a second by Michael Flannery in 2001 (no ISBN). The latter exists both in French and English.     
To finish, notice that Raymond's son, Edouard Bollaert, published in 1977 "Carnet de Balles" ("Dance card" - playing on words, as in french a dance is a "bal" close to "ball"). Hard to classify (humor, poetry, art ...) this book is outstanding for its quality. Main French clubs are lsited. A wink to #84, Golf du Vaudreuil :
Le Vaudreuil est très long, vous disent les grands-pères.   Dads say "The Vaudreuil course is long"
Les bois de leurs enfants leurs donnent la réponse   Their son's woods give the answer
Club House très beau. Mais ce que je préfère   Marvelous Club House. But what I prefer
Sont les merveilleux greens ! L'herbe est si régulière   Are the marvelous greens ! Grass is so smoothed
Qu'une Maxime dit que souvent on la ponce ...   That a Maxime says that often it is pounced ...

    To fully understand this poem, you have to know that Maxime Pons (pounce - rub down) was a Director at the French Federation of Golf and member at Le Vaudreuil. The Maxime Pons trophy is played there each year.     
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