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Books are sorted by date of first edition. Date of last re-edition (if any) is then given.
  2004 / ---- - Peter Geogiardy. - The Compendium of British Club Makers. - Arlie Hall Press (Kenersvill, North Carolina).       Directory of more than 3000 club makers. A must for a hickory club collector.  
  2002 / ---- - Alexis Orlov. - L'affiche de golf - Golf posters. - Milan ed. (Toulouse, France).       Golf posters. An important section on vintage golf posters. Chapters on travel, club, competition, advertising ...
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 1998 / ---- - Roger E. Gilchrist. - Gilchrist's Guide to Golf Collectibles. - Alexander Books.    Clubs (wood shafted and classical) take a major part of the book. Also some unusual chapters on Masters, US-Open, programs, autographs ...  
 1997 / 1999 - Chuck Furjanic. - Antique Golf Collectible. - Krause publications.    Chuck (with the greatest experts) gave us a very extensive book which covers all the aspects of golf collecting. A focus on clubs and balls.  
 1994 / ---- - Sarah Fabian-Baddiel. - Miller's Golf Memorabilia. - Reed International Books Ltd.    This book cover all the aspects of golf collecting : equipment, ephemera, silver work, pottery, art ...  
 1994 / 1997 - Pete Georgiady's. - Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide. - Airlie Hall Press.    Everything about wood shafted clubs. Obviously the reference on club collection : all pros and manufacturers listed with their known work.  
 1993 / ---- - Alain R. Bocquet. - Golf Collection. - Editions du Collectionneur.    The only book on golf collectibles in French.  
 1992 / ---- - Beverly Robb. - Collectible Golfing Novelties. - Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.    One item, one photo, one value : this is the idea of the book.  
 1992 / 1997 - John M. Olman & Morton W. Olman. - Golf Antiques & Other Treasures of the Game. Market Street Press.    As in the previous book, all aspects are discussed - more balanced, then less detailed.  
  1987 / ---- - Richard E. Donavan & Joseph S.F. Murdoch. - The game of golf and the printed world 1566-1985. - Castaglio Press (Endicott; New York).       After Murdoch hard to find reference book, an updated bibliography of golf litterature in English language.  
 1985 / ---- - John M. Olman & Morton W. Olman. - The Encyclopedia of Golf Collectibles. - Books Americana Inc.    A classical book. Major part dedicated to balls and clubs. A well documented chapter on prints and engravings. A listing of artists and their works is given. Other aspects shortly presented.     
 1911 / 1980 - Harry B. Wood. - Golfing Curious and "The Like". - Pride Publications, reéd.    Certainly the very first book on golf collection. The first edition is now highly collected ! Hopefully, one can find a good reprint by Pride Publications (The Scolar Press).     
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