This is certainly one of the most classical collection but not very specific to our countries. Nevertheless, it is possible to find some beautifull clubs signed by Percy Bommer (St Cloud), Jean Gassiat (Chantilly) or Alsuguren (La Nivelle).  



  As are the clubs, golf balls are very collected. The evolution of the game is highly related to the evolution of the ball. At the very beginning, they were made in leather stuffed with feather and after 1850 in gutta-percha. Much more resistant and much less expensive they forced usage. In 1902, the Haskell ball will definitly overtake the gutty. Even if more expensive it was much more tolerant.

To our knowledge, there is no ball specific to Continental Europe. The only exception might be the Michelin ball.  



  Collecting medals is very appealling: looking for different clubs, but also different winners.

We are providing here a few examples from France. --- Click on image to enlarge.     
  Three rare golf fob medals who belonged to Arnaud Massy (he wore them attached to his watch-chain). One cal see the medal he was given y the "Comité du Golf Club de Paris" when he came back home from Hoylake, after his victory in the British Open, in 1907 (called in France "Championnat du monde" - world championship)
Cannes - Mandelieu Nice - Cagnes-sur-Mer Hyères
(Gold, 1897) (Silver) (Silver)
Chantilly (Gold, 1927) Bordeaux Aix les Bains
Won by Mr. J de St Sauveur (Silver, 1906) (Bronze)



  Collecting stamps could be a fantastic passion. Pius Muskens, member of the EAGHC sent us a paper written by his father in law, J.W. Smits, for the magazine of his golf club, in Eindhoven, The Netehrlands. He kindly autorised us to publish it here.

It is most probably the very first paper on golf philately ever published in Europe.   Download J.W. Smits' paper     

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