The first great expansion of golf in Continental Europe is at the beginning of this century. At the same time, collecting postcard is going to be a great addiction.
Between 1900 and 1914, no home without a postcard album. Every village, every monument ... was pictured and edited on postcard.  
Almost every golf course were featured on postcard. At that time, no golf magazine existed in France nor in any other Continental country. Then, the postcard is a wonderful testimony of the game.
  Postcards are important witnesses to tell us matches played by the great french golfer Arnaud Massy (British Open Champion, in 1907) and British champs at the turn of the century. (here at Hyères-les-Palmiers).
  After WW1, this passion will decrease untill his reviving in 1975. Then postcard collectors usually speak of "modern postcards".
Sometime, the intermediate period is called "semi-modern".  
Nowadays collectors are mostly looking for pre WW1 postcard. But we have to say that the semi-moderns - if often less beautifull - are usually more scarce. Related to golf, all postcards worth beeing collected.  



We're starting (November 2001) a panorama of the most beautiful golf postcards. Those pages will be updated regularly. Please contact us to tell us about good cards ; also to trade. If you want to sell some golf postcards, please contact us :

 The first golf postcard?
   Pau, Biarritz and South-West
   The French Riviera
   Hardelot (North of France)
   Le Touquet Paris-Plage (North of France)
   Charles Crombie (illustrateur)



A postcard museum created by Christian Deflandre. You should visit it if you are on the French Riviera, in the marvellous city of Antibes. Many extremely scarce, beautiful and valuable postcards.
4 rue Tournelli, 06600 Antibes, France / Tel. +33.(0)
Open every day from 2pm to 6pm, except on Monday.
A french magazine : Cartes postales et Collection edited by Paul Armand who not only support the elder postcards but also modern ones, priting them at a pretty good price.
A yearly catalogue : Le Neudin created in 1975 by Gerard Neudin. This book is published each year in september. Definitly a must.
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