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Old Postcards, Books, Ephemera Permanent ad
I'm always looking for postcards, books, magazines, letters, ephemera and memorabilia (especially medals) related to the history of golf in Continental Europe. Please fell free to make me any offer.
I'm also trading my duplicates. Many french, UK and USA postcards. Few french books. Please write to Jean-Bernard Kazmierczak (BGCS and GCS member) :
228. Club History Books 24.09.2020
American collector seeking to learn more about, and purchase or trade for club history books or stroke saver guides from historic or important European golf clubs. Please Email Michael Wolf at to exchange information
227. 3 sets to sell 2.04.2016
Slazenger set 1970 Jack Nicklaus
Wilson set modèle Goose neck
Italian set Gear Tourgear.
226. More than 9000 logos balls to sell 26.02.2016
225. Buying golf balls with logos 6.11.2015
I am buying golf club balls - Sometimes with commercial logos.
224. Metal spikes. 6.06.2015
I'm looking for metal spikes. It is for old golf shoes.
223. Golf balls with clubs logos. 17.05.2015
I'm collecting golf balls only with logos; no other logo types. Only new golf balls. I would like to contact collectors for buying or exchanging. I have a lot of balls in double, some of them are scarced. I have also à lot of balls from Brittany to be exchanged.
222. Vintage Walter Hagen set for Ladies. 24.04.2015
Click to enlarge.
I'm selling this Walter Hagen set for ladies - Woods : 1,3,4,5 - Irons : 3,4,5,6,7,9 + Sand-Wedge and putter - Right-hand.
221. Golf balls with clubs logos. 18.07.2012
I'm collecting golf balls only if bearing golf clubs logos; no other logo types. New or used golf balls for as far as the logo is clear and fine. I can send 500 different balls, 250 from Quebec, 100 from Florida, rest from all around the world. Want to trade/exchange. Please write to à Jacques A. Dufour :
220. Logo golf balls to trade. 16.07.2012
I'm collecting logoted golf balls from French clubs, for many years and I have many missings in my collection. I would like to exchange/trade my duplicates with other collectors. Please write to Bernard Boyé (list available) :
219. Wanted : logo balls. 12.07.2012
I'm looking for logo balls from French golf clubs. Please write to
218. Various golf clubs for sale. 23.04.2012
I have a complete set of clubs. They are Bobby Locke Personal Slazenger clubs. I have woods 1-4, putter, iron 2-9. I am thinking they are 30 years old. I am looking to sell these. I'm open to any offers, just want these to go to someone who will enjoy. Thanks
217. Trading logo golf balls. 23.04.2012
I collect and trade logo golf course balls. If you would be interested in trading please let me know and I will send you a list of my duplicates for trade. Thanks, Don Krall,
216. Bobby Locke (Slagenzer) golf clubs. 22.04.2012
I have some Bobby Locke golf clubs and would like to know if they are worth something? 3 drivers and 6 irons. Please write for more information to:
215. Golf clubs for sale. 20.04.2012
Recently found these clubs in the family attic: (1) Tom Morris St Andrews Mashie Nibblick (2) Walter Hagen 'compact blade' 205 - with "special service U.S. Army" markings - 7 iron (3) Spalding Kro-Flite Sweetspot - 4 iron (4)SUGG - Niblick - (5) Edco Special - Joe Robinson Special - L - 7 (6) Mitre brand - Eureka matched set. Photos of condition available. Interested emails welcome.
214. Bobby Locke club. 12.03.2012
I have a Bobby Locke club that has two stars either side of the bobby Locke name,the name is in signature style. The head of the club says sand iron and just under the Ferrell it says made in England,do you know anything about the club and if it's worth something?
213. Score Cards - Wordlwide. 19.01.2012
I' am interested in starting a collection of Golf Score cards from all over the world, so can anyone help? Brian for Devon UK.
212. Anser Ping Putter for sale. 03.12.2011
I am looking to sell my 1966 Ping Anser Putter. This could be a great present for anyone who loves classic golf equipment. Photos on demand. Details: made in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1966, good condition, only 4,000 ever made, original "Pro Only" grip, right handed. Please write William McPherson (Colorado Springs, CO, USA).
211. Mc Gregor / Jack Nicklaus club collection for sale. 14.11.2011
I'm selling my collection of Mc Gregor golf clubs. Mainly woogs (about 100) from 50s to 60s. Also 3 "limited edition" sets J. Nicklaus anniversary. For collectors. Photo on demand. Please write:
210. Golf balls. 06.10.2011
I'm collecting French logo club golf balls and looking for other collectors. I'd like to trade my duplicates (new balls from France, USA, UK). Please write:
209. Logoted golf balls. 28.06.2011
I collect and trade logo golf course balls. I would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in trading. I have a lot of golf course logo balls to trade. Please write to Don (new e-mail address):
208. Julius Boros club for sale. 24.10.2010
I'm selling a Julius Boros 7-iron. Please write to Gilles Vexenat.
207. Information on Wilson/Hagen clubs. 12.03.2010
Click to enlarge.
Who could provide me information on those Wilson W Hagen clubs (see picture): age, quality, price? Many thanks. Didier.
206. Tomy Bolt putter. 12.02.2010
I would like to know the value of the following putter: "Tommy Bolt sportsman melrose park,ill. #101" These words are on the putter head. The shaft is fiber glass. Thank you. Marvin Rogoff
205. Palmer Golf clubs. 30.01.2010
Vintage Arnold Palmer golf set 1970 Has a Burton bag w/cover clubs 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, putter(north western) 1,3,5, woods areo-design w/ covers. Very good condition. Pictures on request.
204. Looking for a Wilson putter. 08.01.2010
Golf collector seeking an original Wilson designed by Palmer putter. Original condition with leather paddle type grip, Xmas tree shaft bad, headspeed shaft. Good shape at a reasonable price. Please e-mail me. Thank you
203. Leyland club. 06.01.2010
I have a Leyland Century 4 Iron made in Scotland, hand forged, wooden shaft. I know nothing about this if anyone could please give some information on this I would very much appreciate it.
202. Qe2 set. 28.12.2009
I have a set of unused and still boxed Qe2 swilken golf clubs with the original unsigned certificate of authenticity for sale. A true collecters set. If anyone is interested to make me a sensible offer.
201. Trading golf balls. 18.12.2009
I would like to exchange my duplicate golf balls from my collection. Region Rhône-Alpes (France) preferred for facilities.
200. Old golf shoes. 14.10.2009
I'm looking for old golf shoes, size 43, ideally from the 30s.
199. Looking for a golf bag. 18.08.2009
I'm looking for an old golf bag, cloth or leather made, please send me pictures and e-mail if you a selling one.
198. Picture for sale. 18.08.2009
Click to enlarge.
Would like to sell this golf picture: 1950's print and frame. Marked in bottom right hand corner "Kimberly Clark Corporation" Neenah, Wisconsin, 54956 - Printed in USA on 80# Fontana Suede. HD scan on demand.
197. Mac Gregor putter. 16.08.2009
Click to enlarge.
I'm looking for a Mac Gregor MT putter, Tourney series, to complete muy set. Many thanks. JC (here is picture of the wood 4 from the set - HD scan on demand).
196. Spalding balls. 21.07.2009
Does anyone know the value or would like to make me an offer on a dozen Jerry Barber Spalding signature golf balls in the original box. The one dozen golf balls are still sealed in their original sleeves never touched by a hand or golf club.
195. Titleist Acushnet. 19.07.2009
I have an older set of Titleist Acushnet Tungsten AC-108 steel shafted irons. I have lost the 5 iron and I'm looking to replace with one to complete the set. Rick Shadid.
194. Information please - Ping putter. 19.07.2009
I bought a Ping Ally S putter and would like to know more on it, especially the manufacturing date. Series number 0030247b. Thanks. Didier.
193. Post cards for sale. 05.04.2009
I'm selling modern golf postcards. Please write to Denis Goncalves:
192. Looking for clubs. 06.04.2008
I have a 1960 set of Jerry Barber Anti Shank irons 3-PW with steel shafts. I'm looing for a 1 or 2 iron, or both, to complete my set. If anyone know where I could find them, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Write to Phillip:
190. Clubs for sale. 31.01.2008
I'm selling Tommy Armour Irons, Silver Scot 915. Please write to:
189. Collecting logo balls. 31.01.2008
Collectionneur de balles logotées de golfs de clubs français, recherche passionnés pour échange. Je possède de nombreux doubles français et aussi étranger.En general mes balles sont neuves. Merci d'écrire à Charles A. Touchard :
188. Bobby Jones artifact. 12.03.2008
I have recently discovered a unique one-of-a-kind Bobby Jones artifact. The item was recently found in Edgewater, Florida. It is a cement (coquina) slab measuring 31 x 22 x 2.5 inches and weighs approximately 60-70lbs [..] about 1940/41. Please write Matthew W. Marchaza for more information.
187. Logo Balls. 5.03.2008
I'm lloking for golf balls from Québec clubs (bying & selling).
Jean-Pierre Spinelli web-site -
Please write to:
186. Golf de Pen Guen Saint Cast - Celtic Hotel. 16.02.2008
Created in 1926, closed during war occupation, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2009. The course was designed by Edgar E. H. Green. I'm looking for any document, picture, article, score card, information ... related to the 1924-1941 period. Please write to Alain Daisay :
185. Old golf ball for sale. 31.01.2008
I have 1000 old golf balls for sale. These balls are at least 60 years old. Could you help me to estimate what did they worth? Thank you. John Ryan.
183. Logoted Wilson golf balls. 03.07.2007
I have a large number of different Wilson golf balls with logos (clubs, ads, brands ...). If you are interested, please write to:
182. Wilson Sam Snead clubs for sale. 22.06.2007
I have a set of Wilson Sam Snead Signature woods for sale. The code number on the sole is 4300 and say’s Strata-Bloc on the outside toe. There is a 1,2, and 3 wood in good condition and the original box with them. Please write:
181. Redwood city Ping putter for sale. 21.06.2007
My uncle gave me a putter Karsten gave him in the late 50's which is in great shape and all original. Need to sell as I need the money, any interest? Please call Jack King: +1 619 479 8485
180. Bobby Locke Golf Set. 26.04.2007
Can anyone value a full set, irons woods and putter which includes a 71/2 from the mid 1950's. These clubs were owned by Bobby Locke and traded in during his visit to the Irish Open. No proof of his prior ownership.
179. Tam O'Shanter clubs. 26.04.2007
I have a full set of Tam O'Shanter irons and putter from the mid 1950's. Made in the USA Patent Pending. I am an Antique Hickory club collector and have stumbled upon millions of makers and shapes but never saw another set of Tam o' Shanter Irons. Anyone, do you have any data on this make. Thanks.
178. Tom Comer clubs. 18.04.2007
I am looking for any clubs that my grandfather may have made. His clubs have the logo Tom Comer on them. Please contact me if you have one and or know of someone who does:
177. Help please. 18.04.2007
I have a full set of original Callaway Hickory Sticks 1-9PS,LW 1-2-4-5 Woods, putter and original leather bag. Also an old Helen Hicks SW with the lined face with original grip and all. Very good condition. Plus a new Ping Anser 2 gold plated putter. I need some help figuring out how much to sell some clubs to sell them. Many thanks.
176. Hickory and Swiken Clubs for Sale. 18.04.2007
I have a set of Hickory and a brand new unused set of Swilken clubs made from the propellors of the QE2 are for sale. Email sensible offers or for more information. Mike Law.
175. Putters for sale. 15.04.2007
I have two old putters for sale. (1) The first is an old Wilson Pay-Off Putter. This is not the Sam Snead model. It is older and has a unique look at the hosel, the brass head forms an open triangle. Original shaft and leather grip. (2) The second is an H&B Louisville Grand Slam blade putter (marked with "Reg. 100"). Original hickory shaft and leather grip. Please e-mail to Bob:
174. Clubs for sale. 10.02.2007
I have a ton of golf clubs for sale. Please get in touch with Fred (Fort Lauderdale):
173. Tommy Armour "Burke". 17.09.2006
I would like to find a vintage "Burke" Tommy Armour Royal Scot four iron. Thanks. Please write to Frank Stansberry :
172. Sospel - Menton. 10.09.2006
If you have old postcards or pictures related to Sospel (Mentone) golf-course or Golf-Hotel, please write to M. Gilbert Gnech :
171. Putter Ping 1A. 04.08.2006
Selling an original ping 1A, Redwood City Putter. Excellent condition. Putter head, shaft, grip all beautiful.Contact jeff at:
170. Decisions on the Rules. 28.06.2006
I am interested in obtaining pre-1990 editions of "Decisions on the Rules of Golf" in English.Please contact me if you can assist:
169. Ben Hogan. 15.06.2006
I'm looking for a book (in French, yellow soft cover) by Olivier Lesourt, related to the golf technique by de Ben Hogan. It was published in 1958 by Editions du Faubourg Saint Honoré. Could you help me? Many thanks. Karine Bee:
166. Various. 16.03.2006
After 12 years and due to my age, I would like to sell all items from my shop repair: about 400 used clubs (no antiques), bags, troleys, golf library, tools and machines, deflector board, balance ...
I would prefer to sell to a person who wants continuing this interesting business.
I'm leaving in Laval, Quebec. Raymond Doucet.
165. Bobby Locke golf clubs. 16.03.2006
I have recently been bequithed an old set of Bobby Locke golf clubs consisting of 3/4 woods 7/8 irons a sand wedge and a putter which belonged to my grandfather firstly. Does any one think they are of any value secondly as i have no interest in this "glorious" game who was he. Replys please to my email address
164. Valescure - Saint Raphael. 10.02.2006
Finishing my studies, I'm writing a memorandum on the evolution of golf clubs, especially Valescure St Raphael, from 1900 until today. I'm looking for documents related to this club (books, magazines ...). Thanks?
163. Logo balls. 28.01.2006
Hi! I'm a new'bie to the world of logo golf ball collecting. I have 1,559 balls, but who's counting ... anyway ... I'd like to know how to get in touch with others with this addiction ... to show/tell, trade/buy, brag/envy ... and just learn more about logo golf ball collecting. Any help? I'm Steve. Many thanks.
162. Clubs for sale. 22.01.2006
I have three clubs that I am considering selling. One is a Cobra Baffler #9 Wood, the second is a Accurate Wright & Ditson St. Andrews Mid Iron, and the last is a Niblick 50 degree in what looks like a sand wedge or pitching wedge. Will send image to those with email address. James (Florida)
161. Champion Grand Slam Putter. 15.01.2006
Hickory shaft. Made before the circa 1930, but don’t know much more about the history. Good condition. E-mail me for pictures. Ginny James.
160. Clubs estimation. 28.12.2005
I have 3 golf clubs and would like to know if anyone can give we an estimate of their value.
1. 2 Iron Reg. No. 5920 Taper Flight Faith Pat.N21.890.936
2. 6 Iron There is a circle with the number 38 in the center of the face. Made in Scotland wee mac Thirty Eight H (or) JH Simpson It has a head with a tam on it's head and golf clubs for feet with the name Leyland under it.
3. Sam Snead signature Dynamid swing Wilson It appears to be an offset putter with a standard shaft.
I would appriciate any help that would make it possible to insure these clubs if they are of any value. Write to Jim Rametta.
159. Hickory clubs. 22.12.2005
Hi, I am a collector of Old golf Clubs from the turn of the 19th century to early 20th century Hickory shafted clubs. If you have any please contact me. Thank you! Mark
158. Slazenger putter. 15.12.2005
I am looking for a Slazenger brass blade (Bull's eye) style putter. It will have the word Eaglett on the bottom. Must be in good to excellent condition. Please conact John if you have one.
157. Forgan & son. 14.12.2005
Can anyone help me with age of a club. Not knowing what I am looking at, but someone has told me that this club was one of the first ladies drivers. Wood, Brass piece on bottom, hickory shaft, marked R Forgan & Son "Scotia" St Andrews. Greatful for any help received.Kathy
156. Looking for Walter Hagen Woods. 14.10.2005
I am looking for a couple of sets (1, 2, 3 and 4 woods) of Walter Hagen Woods Model 88. These woods have a black inlay with white half moon crests. I would prefer the shafts be stiff flex, but would consider a regular flex. Thanks in advance, Rick.
155. Golf Posters. 02.10.2005
I'm collecting golf posters and would like to trade my duplicates. Please write to Erwan Grandpierre.
154. Information - Putters. 02.10.2005
I have a PGA wood n° 4 steel shafted (from 1950/60) and a n°3 wood bois Avon Mac Gregor W737A steel shafted (same years). Could anybody give me a value estimate? Thanks.
153. Tommy Armour clubs for sale. 27.09.2005
I Have a set of Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tourney Rec. No. 905 irons 1930 Era: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. They are great Shape! A little rust. I'll sell them if the price is right.
152. Sandhill Swilken Q2. 20.09.2005
"I have a complete set of Sandhill Swilken Q2 limited edition golf clubs that are in their original box new and unused with certificate of authenticity and registration. If anyone is interested in making a reasonable offer, or if anyone can give me information on where I might sell them, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you." .
151. Golf gloves for sale. 09.09.2005
I'm selling leather golf gloves from the 1950/60 (small size, woman of child) brand new, under blister, from a New York store.
150. Selling "Golf Management" magazine. 22.08.2005
I'm selling the very first issue of "Golf Management" (Feb. 1987) french magazine. Please make an offer by e-mail or call +33 6 21 06 54 75.
147. Crombie prints for sale. 09.07.2005
I have 10 Crombie print for sale, probably from Ariel press. Text is in English and French. All are framed. Please write to Julie Scrimshaw for more information:
146. Ben Hogan. 14.06.2005
I'm looking for Ben Hogan's golf book "Pour un golf puissant", in French (Original title: Ben Hogan's Power Golf) Please contact:
145. Jewel - Golf ball. 04.06.2005
I'm selling a unique item: a gold golf ball, 18 carats, with a 95 diamonds setting, and a club made of siver and gold set with 389 diamonds (different natural colors). For more information and pictures, please write to Nadine Neiger :
144. Chole golf club. 09.05.2005
I have Ancient (1757) Club and 8 balls, seven of which are in mint condition as is the club. This was a gift to my father in the late 60's when we were stationed in Europe. I can provide more info and enlarged photos. Seeking a buyer! Sincerely, Debbie Hudson.
143. Bobby Locke clubs. 05.05.2005
I have a set of Bobby Locke Triple Crown irons (2 to 8) and would like to know their value and possibly sell them to a collector. Many thanks for your help. Paul Corbeil.
142. Wilson putters. 01.05.2005
I'm interested in selling a Wilson designded by Palmer putter and 3 "8802" putters, plus a couple of other Wilson flange putters. Any interest? Please write to Paul Atchison:
140. Tommy Bolt Clubs. 04.04.2005
I have a set of Tommy Bolt Clubs with a bag on wheels. The woods 1, 2, 3 are made of wood (not sure what type of wood). I also have the irons 2-9. I would like to know what these clubs could be worth and to possible sell them so that i may buy a new set of clubs. If anyone may be of help please e-mail me(Charles Anderson) in regards to Tommy Bolt Golf Clubs. Thanks.
139. Golf balls for sale. 13.03.2005
I am selling a colection of about 1.500 branded golf balls of several Countries with logotypes of Golf Clubs, Banks, Insurance Companies, Tourism, Railroads, Universities, Cars, Wines and Spirits, Air Lines, Cloths, etc... Please write to Alvaro G. de Aledo.
138. Hickory clubs for sale. 27.01.2005
I'm selling a putter "A.W.Gamage" (1900-1910) and a Mashie "R.Forgan & Son" (1824-1900). Good condition. Scans on request. Please make an offer to Jean-Marc Vauquelin :
137. Golf de La Nivelle. 10.01.2005
In 2007, La Nivelle Golf Club will be 100 years old. I'm looking for any documents related to this club (pictures, postcards, ads, programs, member-cards, score cards, ...). Please wite:
136. Golf items for sale. 08.01.2005
I have lots of golf items for sale. Collectables like Ping Scottsdale putter, Wilson 60's model 8802, Macgregor Woods, Irons, SW's and putters. Partial Macgregor iron sets. Small size new Wilson Staff balls still in red cellophaane. Wood shaft clubs and lots of old items to numerous to mention. Priced to sell. Thanks. Please wrire to Bern:
135. Trading golf magazines. 24.12.2004
I have many french "Golf Magazine" (from 2001 to 2003) to sale or trade for logo golf balls. Please write to:
134. Tommy Armour irons for sale. 01.10.2004
I have a set of Tommy Armour Silver Scot 915 T irons ( 2 - 9 ) including a Tourney 156 T - 11 iron, an unidentified putter, plus an Atlantic bag with tube dividers I would like to sell. Please write to:
133. Looking for a Ray Floyd Sand Wedge. 28.09.2004
I want to purchase a “Ray Floyd / Bridgestone 53 Degrees Sand Wedge (New or used)”. Please contact Gary Levin:
131. Value of Acushnet putter. 29.06.2004
I would appreciate to get more information on an Acushnet putter, made in USA, given to me in 1985 already used. Mallet head, cupper face, aluminium back, steel shaft, 17 oz, leather grip, no offset. Please write to Pharamond:
130. Value of Wilson Sam Snead Clubs. 17.06.2004
About 40 years ago, I won a set of: Wilson Sam Snead Champs Irons Reg.# 15985--2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and Wilson Sam Snead Laminated woods Reg.# 15930--2,3,4,5. The clubs are in excellent, like new condition. I doubt that the clubs were very expensive to start with, just curious as to what they may be worth. Please write to Len Gibbens:
129. Crombie Prints. 19.04.2004
I would like to get information on some of the Perrier Crombie prints (rules of golf).
Please see more on :  Help, please.

Write to golfika who will forward to Carol Davies.

128. Golf Clubs. 17.02.2004
I'm collecting old golf clubs and I'm looking for old ones from the end 19th and ealy 20th century - hickory shafted. If you have any and want to sell them, please get in touch with me. Many thanks. Jean-Luc Joussemet"
127. Golf clubs. 30.11.2003
I'm selling several 1950 to 1960 Mac Gregor woods (Byron Nelson, Tommy Armour, Toney Penna, Jack Burke ...). For a full list, pictures, additional information, please write to Jake Bunce :
126. Golf clubs. 18.11.2003
I got two old clubs and would apprecite to get information on them : when were they produced and what is their value. The wood club is an Harry Cooper and the iron, with wooden shaft is a St-Andrews Hand Forged Niblic, made in Scotland. Manks in advance. Please write to Francois :
125. Golf shoes. 08.10.2003
I recently bought a golf bag which belonged to F.P.Mousset (USA) and I found inside a pair of superb golf shoes size 42/43 (late 50's early 60's) in brown leather with a buckle. The sole has 17 unremovable spikes . I'll give them back to their previous owner if he is able to tell me the address written on the golf tag. There is a label on the bag proving a trip in Geneva.
124. Book (Travis). 08.10.2003
I am looking for "The Art of Putting" by Walter Travis. Please write to Joe Stamler.
123. Caddy vest. 07.10.2003
I'm selling an official caddy vest from the French Tour, about 1980/85. Labeled : "Circuit national PFA - organisation FFG-APGF". This vest was possibly worn two days and is as new. Please make an offer.
122. Dunlop golf balls. 24.09.2003
I'm looking for old golf balls "Dunlop 65" or "Slazenger +" still wrapped in paper. Also packs of 12 if in good condition. Please write to Philippe Perrissin. Thanks.
121. Golf clubs for sale. 18.09.2003
I have a set of sandhill swilken Q2 golf clubs and I'm looking for info on them on how much much there worth and where I can sell them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
120. Putter for sale. 19.08.2003
MacGregor Tommy Armour IMG 5 putter for sale. Please email offers to Tom at :
119. Golf clubs. 15.08.2003
I have an entire set of Tommy Armour Silver Scot, Tourney Macgregor Rec. # 905T. Original grips, steel shaft, good condition. Includes Putter, Tommy Armour PGA Rec # 709 Silver Scot. My father-in-law got these clubs in 1937. Shaft # is 3F6596V. Could anybody tell me how much these are worth ? Thank you so much. Shay Bumpus.
118. Ping putter. 15.08.2003
I have a Ping Scottsdale model 2A musical putter it has the original Ping grip and is in good condition. I am taking offers on this very collectable. Don Anderson :
117. Golf balls. 04.08.2003
I'm selling golf balls (advertising or clubs) ; also coloured balls. Please make me an offer or write for additional information. Many thanks.
116. Ben Hogan "Pour un golf puissant". 27.07.2003
I'm still looking for Hogan's book in french "Pour un golf puissant" (Ben Hogan's Power Golf).
115. Score cards. 23.07.2003
I'm Robert from Montreal, a collector of golf score cards.
Please check out my web-site
114. Clubs for sale. 22.07.2003
I'm selling a Putter "A.W.Gamage" (1900-1910) and a Mashie "R.Forgan & Son" (1824-1900). Good condition. Scans on demand. Please write to Jean Marc Vauquelin.
113. Helen Hicks club for sale. 05.07.2003
I have a model "CC" brassie (similar to #l wood) for sale that says on the top of the club "Wilson / Helen Hicks / Club Champ". It might be a wood that was given to her when she won a club championship before she turned pro, thus it was made in the l920's or so. I have no idea what the club might be worth, and maybe the club might want it for their trophy case, but I am open to offers. Photos available at my cost upon request. Please write to Mike Hussey :
112. Golf balls. 02.07.2003
I collect Ping 2 tone golf balls or solid colors other then white and will buy them from you or trade other golf collectables for them. Please write to Kip D. Leach :
111. Scorecards. 01.06.2003
Golf scorecards collector, Belgian, but currently based in Niamey (Niger) is looking for small contributions in order to build his collection. Would be most happy to send an exemplar of the "Golf Club de Rio Bravo" scorecard, from Niamey, in exchange of any other scorecards. Contact Jean François DETRY :
110. Ram putter lost. 20.05.2003
I am looking for a Ram putter made in the 70's. It is a thick square putter I believe it had stars on the bottom. It was chrome looking. I am looking to replace one that I lost. Please contact me if you have one similar or if you have one to sell. Thank You! Nancy.
109. Club value. 02.05.2003
I have a wooden shaft golf putter with a brase head. The signature on the club is "OTEY GRISSOM". I would like to know how much it is worth. Please write to Bob :
108. Clubs for sale. 29.04.2003
I am looking to dispose of the following clubs with the intention of exchanging or putting the proceeds towards a starter set of golf clubs. If you are interested then please contact me. As I understand it the clubs are circa 1920 and are: Wee-Mac Leyland 3,4 and 5 irons ; Tom Morris St Andrews 2 iron ; Spalding Line-Rite 5 iron ; Bobby Locke Sand Wedge.
107. Logoted golf balls. 27.04.2003
I'm collecting logo golf balls and I want to focus on french clubs so I'm selling or trading all others golf balls (approx. 500).
106. Golf score cards. 26.04.2003
Hi my name is Bob and I collect golf club scorecards from around the world. I'm living in Australia and if anyone is interested in trading scorecards with me please e-mail me. Thank you.
105. Swilken Tornado putter. 17.04.2003
I am looking for a Swilken 'Tornado' putter, which was probably made in the mid to late 70's or early 80's. Can anyone help ? Thanks. Please write to Graham Wallace :
104. Lost golf club. 12.04.2003
Few years ago I lost my 9 iron, a Titileist DCI, graphite schaft graphite MG-207, grip Gold Pride. Could somebody advice me on where I can buy or get another one ? Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks. Please write to Jacques Baudot :
103. Humour & golf. 01.04.2003
I'm looking for humour golf postcards or small posters. Could you help me ? Please write to Karine Favre. Thanks.
102. Walter Hagen Golf Clubs. 30.03.2003
Walter Hagen Golf Clubs for sale. Woods are Strata bloc 2,3,4 (and a Kroyden wood #1), irons are 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and pitching wedge (all marked Reg.19 Mo) and a Louisville Grand Slam Putter. They were used from about 1955 until 1968 but only a few times a year. The leather grips seem in very good condition. Please write to Shirley McKay :
101. Tom Watson's book. 27.03.2003
Urgent : I'm looking for Tom watson's book "Le petit Jeu". Who can help me ? Many thanks in advance. Randy
100. Collectable Golf Clubs. 08.03.2003
Full set of Sandhill Swilken QE2 limited edition boxed new and unused with certificate of authenticity and registration reasonable offers considered. Tel +44 (0)161 798 9308 or email :
99. For sale : golf balls. 28.02.2003
Old golf balls for sale also logoted (club logos and advertising). Please write to Simon Le Gal :
98. Dieppe Golf Postcards. 17.02.2003
I'm looking for postcards from Dieppe. Please e-mail or call on my mobile : +33 6 08 57 81 94. Many thanks. Regards. Jean Pierre Lenfant.
97. Golf clubs and bags . 05.02.2003
I'm always looking for old golf clubs and bags. Please write to Pierre-Marie Kvot.
96. Ozoir La Ferrière. 05.02.2003
I'm looking for any documentation related to the club of Ozoir la Ferriere (France). Please write to :
95. Old golf clubs. 02.02.2003
I have a Helen Hicks "National Champ" sand wedge made by Wilson, circa early '50s, with a dot-punched face. I replaced the original shaft and used this club for 20 years. I still have an original shft and grip for this club (brown, painted/leather grip) and will replace it if desired.
Also have a complete set of Tommy Armour "Silver Scot" irons (2-11 irons) circa early '50s. These clubs are in excellent (original) condition. The clubheads are stainless steel with original shafts and leather grips. The clubs are mounted in an oak display case. They are truly beautiful. Thanks, sp.
94. Club logoted balls. 02.02.2003
I'm collecting logoted ball but only from golf clubs. In order to complete my collection,I'm mainly looking for french clubs (still open or recently closed) logoted balls. Often, I'm getting duplicates and would like to trade (or buy). Please write to Hugues NOIREZ :
93. Logoted golf balls and score cards. 08.01.2003
I'm collecting logo golf balls (only clubs logo) and score cards from all over the world. I would like to correspond with other golfers sharing the same hobby. Trading or buying.
92. Hogan club for sale. 06.01.2003
I have a set of 1958 Ben Hogan irons, I believe they were called the starburst. They are used but in good shape. I used them until this Christmas when I finally got a new set. I have woods but I can't guarantee they go with this set and with the exception of one, they aren't in the best of shape. Frank.
91. Please help. 06.01.2003
I have a wood shaft club "Low & Hughes" from New-York, early 1900. I'm unable to find any information of this manufacturer. Could anybody help me. What could be the value of such a club ? Please write to Richard D'Amour (Québec, Canada). Thanks.
90. Logoted golf balls. 04.01.2003
I'm looking for collectors of logoted golf balls and would like to share of buy. Please write to Jean-Pierre Spinelli (Rosemere, north of Montreal, Canada).
88. Looking for books. 14.12.2002
I'm looking for books in french by John Jacobs. I'm leaving in Paris. Please write me. Thanks. Stephane.
87. Book for sale (Dieppe). 06.12.2002
For sale : Olivier Merlin "Cent ans de golf à Dieppe. Un bonheur à l'épreuve des balles." Luneray, Editions Bertout, 1996; small in-4, green cloth hard back, colour illustrated dj. 126 pp. B&W photos and drawings by Philippe Dumas. Ex-dono. VG. 20 euros.
86. Clubs for sale. 23.11.2002
I Have a complete set of Swilken QE2 Woods/Irons/Putter in original packing case unused with numbered certificate. Also have second set of same in good condition but part used. Sensible offers in £ sterling will be considered.
85. Stamps & cancellations. 17.11.2002
On my web site I'm selling (or trading with rugby) stamps and cancellations on golf.
84. Score cards to trade 16.11.2002
I am a scorecard collector from California with over 1000 duplicates for trading. Please write to Mark May (GCS Member) :
83. "L'Illustration", French magazine 01.11.2002
I have numerous issues of the French magazine L'Illustration, including Avril 15th, 1933. If interested, please write to Arnaud Quesne :
82. Walter Hagen golf clubs for sale 28.10.2002
I'm selling 4 golf clubs Walter Hagen (Graduated - Stainless steel - Made in Britain) : n° 3 (Mid Mashie), 5 (Mashie), 7 (Mashie-Niblick) and 9 (Putter 203). Please write to Philip Samama :
81. Golf balls 25.10.2002
From Quebec City ... Looking for Golf Balls(1960's, 1970's) ... Feel free to answer.
80. Putters for sale 25.10.2002
I have numerous older putters for sale, please contact and make offer : Wilson - Julius Boros, MacGregor - Tommy Armour IMG Ironmaster, Swilken of St. Andrews - "Scotia", Wright & Ditson - WHBA putter, Ram - Tom Watson 810, Bristol - 2500, Burke - PGA Pirate, Acusnet - Dyno, MacGregor - Tommy Armour Iron Master 234, Ping - Anser 4, Wilson - Sam Snead Championship.
79. Score cards 09.10.2002
Leaving in Quebec, Canada, I'm collecting score cards from all the world. If you too are collecting or if you just want to help me, please write to :
78. Score cards 09.10.2002
I'm looking for golf score cards from all countries. I have many duplicates and would be very happy to trade with other collectors. Please write to Jean Luc Joussemet :
77. Clubs for sale. 20.09.2002
I'm selling three golf clubs wooden shafted, red leather grip, rustless head "Ernest Derrick", London : iron 1, 4 and mashie niblick. Crown at the head of the head, dotted face. Plus an other mashie niblick, without the name but with the crown. Grip rewrapped. Write to Pierre-Marie Kvot.
75. Fontainebleau Golf Club. 03.09.2002
I'm looking for any document related to the golf of Fontainebleau (Advertising folders, programs, member cards, menus ...) Jean-Alexandre Vignier.
74. Golf clubs for sale. 03.09.2002
I have quite a few old clubs. List of the clubs in a excel file sent on request. Don't want to sell them individually. They belonged to my Dad who collected clubs for quite some time. Please write to Pete DiMaggio.
73. Score cards to sale. 28.08.2002
I'm selling a lot of score cards from 1969 to 1990, french and english : Monaco, Dinard, St Raphael, Vichy, St Cloud, Mandelieu.... travel advertising and misc. About one hundred items in total. Lot is 60 Euros plus p&s.
71. Books for sale. 18.08.2002
I'm selling golf books. Listing on request. Please write to Neil Adams :
70. Golf pins for sale. 12.06.2002
I selling golf pins. Scan sent on request. Please write to Valerie Bayart.
69. Golf pins. 06.06.2002
Golf player and golf pins collector, I'm selling and buying at fair prices. (More than 200 duplicates - different quality). I also have few logoted balls. Please write to Jean-Pierre Dubernet.
67. Books - Sell and buy. 01.06.2002
I'm selling the book "Golf", 1936 foreworded by Duc de Mouchy. I'm also looking for the two first volumes of World of Professionnal Golf, yearly published by McCormack.
65. Toy - club. 12.04.2002
Click to enlarge.
I'm selling a very scarce toy-club with an articulated player as a head. From USA, early XXth. Please write to :
64. Info on Tonny Bolt putter. 25.03.2002
I need to know the value of the Tommy Bolt Sportsman Putter. # 103. The words Melrose Park, Illinois are on the putter head, and the shaft is fiberglass. I have had the putter approximately 60 years. Please write to Frank Pischera :
63. Logoted golf balls. 12.03.2002
Logoted (club logo) golf ball collector is looking for other collectors in order to trade and exchange. Please write (Spanish appreciated) to Jose M. Basadre :
62. Logoted golf balls. 11.03.2002
I'm collecting golf ball only logoted with a golf club reference. My first interest is in French golf balls (I already have more than 350 of them). I have many duplicates and would like to exchange. Please write to Albert Van Hauwermeiren :
61. Phonecard for sale. 09.03.2002
Cliquez pour agrandir.
I'm selling a superb French golf phone-card, unused. Limited edition approx. 1000 ex (private). Pleasew write to :
59. Engraving, etchings, postcards. 15.01.2002
I'm looking for golf engravings, etchings and postcards. Please write :
58. Score cards. 12.01.2002
Collector is seeking golf scorecards. Will trade from stock of 40,000 duplicates or will purchase small collections or accumulations. See also or mail to :
57. Looking for books. 08.12.2001
I am a member of the GCS who collects pre 1950 1st edition golf books (preferrably with DJ if issued). I have over 100, but would love to hear what you have to offer. Thank you in advance. Write to Charlie (Charles Haviza) :
26. Looking for posters 16.12.2000
Click to enlarge
I'm looking for these two posters - also any item related to the Vichy Golf Club. Please send e-amil to :
20. Balls 15.06.2000
Addicted golfer, collecting logo balls from french golf clubs would like to be in touch with another addicted collector and trade with. Please call Alexandre (France) + or e-mail :
11. Balls et tees 14.11.1999
Golf balls & tees wanted ( old ). Also, medals, tins, paper items, postcards, books, magazines, art, anything old & golf related. Please e-mail to Gregg Krusoe :
2. Pins 08.11.1999
I'm looking for pins on the golf theme which were created for clubs, manufacterers or for any golf event or tournament. Buying or trading. Please write to Alain Pougeoise
1. Score cards 24.10.1999
I'm looking for golf scorecards from any country. Please write to Mark May (GCS member) :
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