BEFORE 1950 (Except France)
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 KD - Ph.-Heineken - Das Golfspiel.  
1898 vi + 110pp Verlag Gustav Weise, Stuttgart
 One of the very first book fully dedicate dto golf in Continental Europe. Some illustration are from Horace Hutchinson "Golf" (by allowance of the editor). Nunber 1 in a serie : "Sportspiele im Freien".
A superb high quality reprint (leather cover and slipcase, limited 100 ex.) was made by Franck P. van Eck in 1985.  
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 KD - Eva Gräfin von Baudissin - Golf. In Spemanns goldenes Buch des Sports.  
1910 678-712 / 872pp Verlag von W. Spemann, Berlin & Stuttgart
 Sports in general with a significant part on golf.  
 KD - Carl A. Hellmers - Golf. In Hans O. Simon : Der Stockball (Hockey / Golf / Polo).  
1913 54-90 / 94pp Franckhs Sportverlag, Dieck & Co, Stuttgart
 A small illustrated book. The game and rules. A very short reference to golf books and organisation. Several reprints (3rd edition in 1922).  
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 KD - Dr H. Schlepegrell - Das Golfspiel.  
1923 174pp Grethlein & Co, Leipzig und Zurich
 #9 of "Bibliotek für Sport und Spiel" series. History , teaching plus an uncommon scientific chapter by Dr Karl Beck "Die Physik des Ballfluges".  
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 KD - - - Kennen Sie schon den Salzbrunner Golfplatz.  
c.1925 24 -
 More a photo album. Made of 24 pictures 18x24 cm. Edited to promote the course. Opening in 1925 as first 18 holes in Germany after WWI by Fürst von Pless.  
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 KI - M. A. Brunialti. - Il Golf - Che cosa è e come si gioca.  
1932 151pp Ulricho Hoepli, Milano
 Teaching golf. Rules. Listing of Italian's golf culbs.     
 KI - Ch. Whitcombe. - Golf.  
1933 57pp A. Corticelli, Milano
 Small book translated from English.     
 KI - G. Cesura & A. Spalding. - Tennis & Golf.  
1939 113-147 / 147pp A. Corticelli, Milano
 Golf part is an adaptation from the english "Golf for beginners".     
 Conventions on pages :  
351ppTotal number of pages.
165-170 / 370ppfrom 165 to 170 dedicated to golf (total is 370pp).
(42pp)Total number of pages, unpaginated.
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