FRENCH BOOKS (1921 - 1950)
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 KF1800 - W. J. Eeth. - Encyclopédie des sports. Vol 2/2.  
1924 229-242/444pp Lib. de France
 An interesting section on golf.     
 KF1850 - Union des Golfs de France - Les golfs de France et de Belgique.  
1925 196pp Tennis et Golf
 Golf guide published under control of the "Union des Golfs de France" and the "Fédération Belge de Golf". It seems that this "yearly" guide was only published once.  Below : Couver and back. Advertising for Jeann Regny (between pp 52/53).  
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 KF1900 - Guides Plumon - Les golfs du Continent.  
1925..1939 var. Guides Plumon
 Continental Europe golf guide. A new edition each year. Published also in other langages ; the first english one in 1926.
After WW2, this run was continued by "Vendôme". (Until 1950 ?)     
 KF2000 - De Felder & Me Jean Michel. - Le club de golf.  
c.1927 ? Guides Plumon
 General administration, sporting management, club-house, fiscal aspects.     
 KF2100 - Bandeville. - Le parcours de golf.  
1927 131pp Guides Plumon
 Laying out a golf course. Greenkeeping. The turf. Photo of Maurice-Louis Bandeville in full page plate.     
 KF2150 - Nicholas Popoff. - Golf Etiquette.  
1928 (8pp) Aulard, Iung & Cie, Paris.
 Called to Cannes society attention as an aviator, Nicholas Popoff was the first one to make a return fly from Cannes to the Islands of Lerins in 1910, breaking the record of altitude by reaching a height of 679 feet.
Ruined afer the Russian revolution in 1917, he got a modest job at the Cannes Mandelieu golf club, acting as starter. One year before he commited suicide, he wrote this interesting pamphlet : 8 pages containing 3 woods by Stelletski (Cannes and Villa d'Este) and two photographic pictures.  
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 KF2200 - A. B. Mitchell. - Principes essentiels du golf.  
c.1928 221pp La bonne Idée
 From the english. Soft and hard cover editions.     
 KF2300 - T. A. Ball. - L'enseignement du golf.  
1928 152pp Guides Plumon
 Instruction ; how to play golf. Different editions exist in french (1928, 1938, 1950) and also in other languages.
"T. A. Ball" sounds to be a pseudonym : tee a ball ?     
 KF2400 - (var.) - Le Touquet - 1928  
1928 103pp Hôtel Westminster
 A gift from Hotel Westminster in Le Touquet, offered to clients. Descriptions (both french and english) of the links with superb drawings from Hemjic et Rene Vincent. Numerous ads.     
 KF2500 - . - Biarritz - Chiberta. Le golf, les villas.  
1929 -- --
 Rather a commercial booklet edited to promote the club.     
 KF2600 - Auguste Boyer. - Le golf.  
1930 80pp Nilsson
 A small booklet with an unexpected chapter on hygiene and health. Golf-clubs list.     
 KF2700 - Elisabeth de Gramont. - Le golf.  
1930 130pp Nlle Société d'Edition
 Fashionable golf by the half-sister of the Morfontaine founder (duchess of Clermont Tonnerre). Golf-clubs list.
Limited edition of 530.     
 KF2800 - Etienne Petitjean. - Golf. Quelques civilités puériles et honnêtes.  
1930 (24pp) [auto-ed.]
 Superb humor, full page engravings. Limited edition of 500.     
 KF2900 - Old Cadie. - Le golf a livré son secret.  
c.1930 109pp Imp. Scientifiques
 A small anonymous instrction book. According to Roger Golias, the author would be Dr Maurice Segard (no relation with Lally).     
 KF3000 - Commandant Frochot. - Manuel du golfeur.  
1931 176pp L. Danel, Lille
 Rules but also settlements, handicapping, ways of playing the game and major competitions.     
 KF3100 - Vicomte Cisterni. - Les trous du club. Traité de golfurie.  
1932 62pp Quatre Chemins
 Humor book, describing characters of all the french golf clubs. Illustrated by Scob. Limited ed. of 2000.     
 KF3200 - A.-M. Dalbin (dir.) - Le golf.  
1936 184ppp Nlle Edition Française
 Superb scarce book in slipcase.Heavy paper. Limited to 130 copies.     
 KF3250 - C.A. Whitcombe - Comment jouer au golf.  
1936 60pp Guides Plumon. Paris
 Uncommon small booklet after the english edition of "Golf shots" (1933).     
 KF3300 - Robert Perrier. - Golf 1943.  
1943 121pp Imp. Grou-Radenez
 Touching book printed during WW2 and inscribed to war prisoniers golfers. Limited edition to 1000. Recount golf event from the year.     
 KF3350 - Charles Bouhana. - Terrains de Sport.  
1946 289-302/516pp E. Baudelot & Cie, Imp. Paris
 Ch. Bouhana built a bunch of golf courses in France (Chantilly, Mortfontaine, Hossegor, Hardelot ...) This book is mainly dedicated to grass, soils, draining, courses and stadiums. The few pages on golf are extremely valuables.     
 KF3400 - Maurice Bouchon. - Méditation sur le Royal et Ancien jeu de golf.  
1949 (26pp) [auto-ed.]
 Marvelous gouaches with humorous comments. Limited edition of 1000.
Maurice Bouchon (1891-1975) was an art lover, gifted for drawing and a golf enthusiast.  
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 A new edition limited to 230 copies was published by Société d'Impression Lorraines, Nancy (not dated, c.2000)  
 KF3500 - Paul Mousset. - Physiologie du golf.  
1949 111pp Sulliver
 A golf tale. Saint Gangolf father of golf. Illustrated. Limited edition of 2200.     
 KF3600 - Revue "Le golf" - Le golf - Ce qu'il faut savoir sur le golf.  
c.1950 171pp ed.Paris Vendôme
 Golf in general. Various advestising. Illustrations by D.L.     
 Conventions on pages :  
351ppTotal number of pages.
165-170/370ppfrom 165 to 170 dedicated to golf (total is 370pp).
(42pp)Total number of pages, unpaginated.
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