FRENCH BOOKS (until 1920)
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 KF1000 - F.-W. Mariassy. - Le golf en Angleterre ; les golf-clubs de France.  
c.1891 98pp Robaudy ?
 More a pamphlet than a book. Everybody agrees that the first edition was french, but the date is questionnable. May be 1891 or 1894. In 1895, a second illustrated edition is published by Robaudy, in Cannes (see below).     
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    Harry B. Wook (and also Smith et Hilton, 1912 then later Joseph S.F. Murdoch, 1968) refers to an edition by M. C. Pille (Cannes) in 1894 and - more curiously - to a second enlarged edition (90pp) in Londres, "Golf Office" (sold at 1/6).
It's curious to notice that all those authors seem to make the same mistake when writing "M" for Mariassy's first name, rather than "F. W.". Does this mean that the initial error was made by Wood and then propagated ?  
 KF1100 - P. Moreau & G. Voulquin. - Les sports modernes illustrés.  
1905 165-170/370pp Larousse
 Sport in general. Six pages on golf with illustrations (photographic). Golf rules. Golf chapter by Charles Gondouin (from Racing Club de France).     
 KF1150 - Henry Claremont (dir.) - Le livre des Sports Athlétiques et des jeux de plein air.  
1909 91-110/388pp Pierre Roger & Cie, Paris
 Sport in general (cricket, football ...) Good part on golf, signed M.S. - with 12 illustrations (drawings). Golf rules (extracts, 1909).     
 KF1200 - Arnaud Massy. - Le golf.  
1911 351pp Pierre Lafitte
 First major golf book, translated into english (different editions : Methuen, 1914, Brentano's 1920). The french edition exist in three different condition (soft cover, hard cover and moleskine, guilded). It is more illustrated and records a list of early golf courses.     
 KF1300 - Paul Champ, De Bellet & al. - Tennis, Polo, Golf & Croquet.  
1911 19-48/78pp Bib. Larousse
 Chapter on golf signed de Bellet, french champion. One of the nine illustrations show Mr Balfour in the rough. A significant part dedicated to the rules. Different editions known.     
 KF1400 - Pierre Deschamps. - Le golf 1900 - 1910. Enquête sur le mouvement des sports en France pendant les dix premières années du siècle.  
c.1912 48pp ed.?
 A rare booklet of topmost interest on early golf in France. Written by the founder of Paris Golf Club and of the "Union des Golfs de France", forerunner of the French Golf Federation.  
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 KF1500 - Raymond Baert. - Dupont champion de golf.  
1913 (42pp) Lib. Ambert
 Humor. One drawing by page. An english edition published by Lawrence & Jellicoe, Londres.
Two recents reprints : one by Alain Boquet and a second by Michael Flannery.  
To learn more on Dupont and Baert  
 KF1550 - Philippe Casimir. - La Turbie et son trophée romain - Le golf du Mont Agel.  
1914 31-38/108 Journal de la Corniche, Nice.
 A touristic guide featuring the Monte-Carlo golf-club.     
 KF1570 - Ern. Weber. - Sports Divers.  
c.1914 37-66/128pp ed. Nilsson, Bibliothèque sportive pour tous.
 Various sports including golf ; golf player on cover.     
 KF1600 - Harry Vardon. - Comment jouer au golf.  
c.1920 204pp Lib. Delagrave
 Translated from english. With a listing of members of the main french golf clubs.     
 KF1700 - A. Curely & R. Perrier. - Le golf.  
1920 32pp S. Bornemann
 Small introductory booklet.     
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351ppTotal number of pages.
165-170/370ppfrom 165 to 170 dedicated to golf (total is 370pp).
(42pp)Total number of pages, unpaginated.
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